Lemonade Day - Regional Entrepreneur of the Year - 2019


Country Boys Lemonade by Wyatt & Clay Ziegler

We Participated in Lemonade day to make some money for our summer hobby plans and to Learn strategies to owning our own business.

What was our Strategy, slogans and Advertising:
Country Boys -Nothing says "Welcome Summer "better than Fresh Ice Cold Lemonade- Wyatt and Clay Ziegler, Country Boys Hydration Specialists.
Recipe- 1 can frozen minute maid lemonade concentrate, 1 gallon of water, 5 inches of mint leaf, 2 large lemon slices mix well . Fill glass 1/4 full of ice and pour lemonade into glass. Garnish with a frozen lemon slice and mint leaf.

Advertising: Community Futures did a lot of radio and print and poster advertising. We decided not to pay for our own newspaper ads or radio ads. We knew that our competition was also using this form of advertising and mom advised that sometimes it works well when your competition does the advertising especially if it is for the same thing. We definitely did not have room in our budget for the expense that we were quoted.  You place your competition where you want them.  Lemonade Day was already advertised now we just needed to identify our customers and let them know we were in it too and where they could find us and why they should choose us. We choose word of mouth and poster and face to face advertising. We delivered 30 posters and order forms to businesses we knew would be open on Saturday but could not leave their work to come see us. We also made a video advertisement on Facebook.

Here is the Country Boys Story: (as displayed at our stand)
The Country Boys Story

It all started when listening to an ad by community futures about a contest and a opportunity to learn and make some money. My Brother and I have expensive hobbies and mom and dad can only provide a small portion of the money we need to spirit our love for fast cars, mud and sport. Mom asked us if we wanted to sign up and we said ya sure. But we really had no idea what she signed us up for.

Big dreams come true by setting big goals- Wyatt had a great idea to make our lemonade stand out of an old Truck. Not just any old truck,  but Great Grandpa Authur’s 1964 GMC. It hasn’t burnt any gas for over 8 years.  With the mechanical skills that Wyatt learned in 4H Small engines, he was able to get it running. A new battery, a little carb tune up, some new gas , a wash and a new fuel pump, had her making dust on the gravel road again. First Voyage was over to Grandpa Deryk’s to show him. He showed us the tricks to getting it started. Too much pumping the gas pedal isn’t good- now I know! But when it won’t start, who knew if you gave it a tow it will start with a pull start. Grandpa said many people got home from the dance that way in his day. Then we needed some shifting lessons! The whole family fits in the front seat, no seat belts required - there is none!! Wyatt was proud of his skills and wants to do some more fixing on it so he can drive it to his Graduation.

Now this is where I come in. I sketched out the design for the Lemonade Bar, order area, food storage area, sitting area and of course some shelter.  I looked all over the farm and was able to find brackets, boards, tables and plywood to build my ideas. One night when my Grandpa Bernie was visiting, and sampling my lemonade recipes, he offered an old restaurant booth that he had at sitting at his welding shop from the stop spot in Killam.  He delivered it to our farm and I sanded and varnished some new seats and table top for it.  I hope you will enjoy dining at our little shop. You can say it is a bit of an environmental rescue.. I mean a fantastic recycle project with a Vintage flair. I’m really good at building stuff and good at google docs. I designed a poster and discussed with mom the best form of advertising for us word of Mouth. We made 23 stops in Vegreville to deliver my poster.

Community futures has done a great job bringing this program to us and we are grateful to them for teaching us some things we would never have learned in school but are necessary to our future.
Country Boys Lemonade- Its a natural product of 2 brothers that love everything about the Country. From our beginnings in Lemonade Day, we will probably expand from our Lemonade business or find other ventures but one thing is for sure we ARE destined for great things.
Wide open spaces, nature, miles of crops, machinery, and good food. Nothing beats summer time, blue skies, green fields and Ice cold Country Lemonade.
          All the best to you for a Fresh and pure Country day,
     Sincerely,  Clay Ziegler
What we did Well: 
We researched our expenses and learned to use as much resources we had to build our stand without spending any money. This lowered our cost/glass significantly. We seen and heard all the great advertising that Community Futures was doing on the radio and in the News Paper so we decided not to do any of that advertising that would have cost nearly $100. Instead we focused on Word of Mouth and got the town talking about us thru social media (Instagram, Facebook and snapchat) We also did some PR thru for to for business. We delivered flyers to the businesses that would be open on Saturday and offered employees a delivery service in order for them to buy our lemonade.  We also selected a great location with lots of parking and traffic. We had an attractive stand that gave people something to talk about and it told our Country Boys Story. We also had consistent product. Clay was the only one mixing and he kept up with the consistent portions of water ice and mix.  On Monday we did all our follow up. We made our donations and we took Thank you cards to all the businesses that gave us delivery orders and a few other special people.
What would we do different:
We are very new to speaking in public and it was very hard to get over our nerves and speak to our customers. Next time we will have a hidden cue card with what we want to say as customers approach. We also need to be a bit faster at mixing up new batches when we have long line ups. We did not expect the 8-10-person line ups that we had at times. This was stressful, even though we did have glasses prepared for 4-5 in advance in our cooler. We only delivered 30 posters as to not over promise and Under deliver on sales. But now we know we could have really pushed to sell the last 45 glasses to meet our goal. We should have delivered at least 10 more posters and we could have done another mass social media blitz at noon. Another thing we would do different is our menu. We may have confused our customers with the bio steel item. Next time we will keep the menu more simple. The sugar free did attract many inquiries and offering such a product would is beneficial. Bio Steel is not well known so people were Leary to try it. We would need to do more research on if our fresh blended lemon, fresh mint, water and ice is safe for diabetics, how much sugar does a whole lemon have?  It definitely tasted great because we sold out in 1 hour.

What’s Next for us? The lemonade stand was fun and it was a success. We nearly met our goal. We were only 45 glasses short. If it would have been a sunny calm day instead of a Rainy, cloudy cold and windy day I think we would have sold out.
We plan to take our stand to one more event-  Hairy Hill Rodeo July 6,2019 and maybe to Ranfurly also. We have big plans of opening a Mechanical and old truck restoration shop on our farm one day. We had a blast participating in the Lemonade Day Program. We learned lots about how to be an entrepreneur. We have already got some job offers to set up our Lemonade Stand at some events this summer (We are very excited to get our business up and running).



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